What is Crysandrea?

Crysandrea is a fictional world around which an avatar-based chat site was created. Users were rewarded with Palladium for interacting in a friendly environment. Those Palladium could be used to purchase various cosmetic upgrades for their characters, giving them a more fancy look. A side game and an engaging friendly staff made it a fun twist on everyday chatting.

The Crysandrea code is mostly written by Tyler Diaz, built on a PHP framework called codeIgniter.

Is a reboot of Crysandrea?

Yes and no. The site will be launched using the latest code available from the original developer's software repository. A database and structure will be created to allow users to join and interact much as they would on any avatar site. However, will, at this time, be used to develop and test new features and bug fixes in the code. While measures will be taken to keep the site stable and reliable, changes will be more frequent. There is always the possibility of a bug or a crash, but that should be kept to a minimum.

Help Wanted

We are looking for a volunteer staff for the following tasks and positions:

What are the plans for developing Crysandrea code?

The current code is going to be launched in its present form and given a release number 1.0 for reference. Then, it will be updated and patched to work with the latest stable codeIgniter, and that will be the new version 1.1 development branch. Version 1.1 will focus on improving the existing Crysandrea code.

A new version 2.0 will be developed from the ground up. It will focus on maintaining compatibility with the existing database, so that current sites will be able to test and transition into it. At this early stage, it's too soon to tell what the development path of version 2.0 will be, but several new and interesting ideas are already on the drawing board.

Will be maintained and managed like other chat sites?

The primary goal of will be to create a live testing environment. It will also allow users to enjoy and hang out on the site, and it will attempt to maintain a fun and engaging chat environment, however that will take a back seat to development unless sufficient staff volunteers.

Expect things to be a little more rough around the edges!

What is the age rating for the site? will be for MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY. This is for a lot of reasons. On the one hand, we just don't have the staff to watch messages, graphics, and posts on this site. On the other hand, it gives members the freedom they want in an avatar-based site.

What is the story / theme for

We're open to suggestions!

What do you need the most?

The original graphics from Crysandrea are not available for use, due to uncertain ownership. New art, including site graphics and avatar graphics, are needed most. The code is already released to the public, so creating a complete graphical set will let Crysandrea become a true turn-key avatar site. All graphics created under the project will be GPL, BSD or other public-use graphics.

How can I help?

Please contact the webmaster at or via AIM, Yahoo, or Skype messenger at "benvanderjagt". So as to get you past all of the bots and junk mail, please use Crysandrea in the subject line or in the contact request.

When is Crysandrea expected to open?

The timetable is up in the air, but I'm aiming for the end of April to have a functional proof-of-concept site online.

Thanks for stopping by, and have fun!